Why is it vital (for Highly Sensitive People) to start thinking small?

Many Empaths and Highly Sensitive People people make a fatal mistake in being entirely focused on big goals. If your goal is to become a the best-selling author, financially free, to start a coaching business or to make waves on Youtube as a Vlogger… great. But

these are really big goals

until they don`t  have a deadline they are dreams.  As quickly as you put it down, for example: by the end of next year i will be….you will be hit by the restless feel of urgency. How do i get from here to there?

Have you heard about the book: “How Do You Eat An Elephant?: One Bite at a Time” by Bill Hogan. When i I first saw this book, I thought the heading was extremely disgusting and quickly walked away. Today I know this was a sign I missed to notice! I did not have the slightest awareness then about the directions, overwhelming zig-zags were driving my life, gas-and-brake, round and round. Does this sound familiar to you?

A feeling of being overwhelmed  went on for years, had impact on my creativity and hopes and nerves and sleep.  Being overwhelmed made me angry, speechless and dizzy!

When you once get that moment of clarity

to put two and two together and you finally take a straight look into the eye to your overwhelming feelings  you’ll see that all of it will become smaller and smaller and finally fade away.

How do You handle this

feeling of being overwhelmed that is driving you mad?

The only way to handle it is  to break it down into smaller steps, because TO BREAK IT DOWN into smaller steps means  its`s easier to accomplish. First,

a small goal gives you something concrete specific to focus on. You also get to have something that brings

a little satisfaction right away

If you want to lose 50 pounds, the goal for the this evening is to eat a huge salad you bought the vegetables for already. I used to buy the vegetables and told myself it had been hard enough  i went buying these and to eat them was just too much to ask for. When

you know exactly what to do

you’re much more likely to take inspired action and stop lying to yourself. Smaller steps bring you clarity about your real intentions too!

No one is taking your dreams away from you, let  your imagination fly to the moon!

It is vital for Highly Sensitive People to start thinking small to actually make

this  first step towards your big dream

It is directly connected to the self-esteem and self trust, unless you wish your dreams to stay there to be dreamed over and over   forever.

Think small!  Dream Big!  Take action.  But

the Best News is

breaking it down into smaller steps already is action by itself!

Here is another magic which helped me huge when braking through the overwhelm:

trying to skip the steps causes overwhelm.

I will soon write more about how to bridge the gap from A to B.

Keep in touch!

Shine on!


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