Why are scanners so addicted to scanning?

Who are scanners?

Are you one?

A scanner is a person who has very many constantly changing interests. It’s not that the scanner can’t make a choice, but it’s more about

not wanting to choose

in the first place. It’s somehow not fair to be forced to focus on a narrow cut. Or is it pure greed? I don’t think so.

Scanners love challenges and solving problems. Their brains work very fast, they love learning. They are also very intuitive. It’s like gathering all the different colors, sizes and materials of

puzzle pieces

in hope of making it fit some day.

  • Have you been accused of not being able to focus?
  • Do you start-and-quit constantly (or at least this is how others often see it and this is why they tend to criticize it)?

Do you feel like a looser already?

A scanner’s brain is like a bee. The bee’s attention is caught for some reason, by a flower for instance,
and intuitively the bee will check it out, will take what is in there for it and leave.
The bee is scanning the horizon in hope of finding even better and more fulfilling flowers to discover!

The key

question is: what is the scanner going to do with all these puzzle pieces?

You see,

scanning is pure fun!

You could dig in and forget the rest of the world completely!

Sounds like serious information overload? A scanner has to

find time to sort the information

as well, to get rid of the stuff with questionable worth and to save useful stuff. How does one make a difference? It’s pure intuition. It’s about fine-tuning….the game with the intuition’s cold-warmer-hot game. This can be called focusing!

Scanning is like flowers to bees. They would just die without them. So create your environment, create your time,

no one else is going to do it for you.

After you start it will be easier and easier quickly. Why? Simply because YOU grow stronger.

Keep shining!



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