Who are they? Generations Y and Z?

When the worlds collide

Recently I attended to the College meeting which was held for the parents in the new School where my son is studying from this year. I was prepared to the usual, but …i was so wrong!   I was not only impressed by the architecture, smoothness and flexibility  of this  house and the “world” i found myself in but also the whole new educational system. It was explained in detail.  Three hours and i was not bored for a minute?  I still wonder how was that possible!  LOL

Shortly put …when you as a student have all this freedom and all these choices you could, and i actually DID feel  like being in a candy bar.  Everything is interesting and appealing! So much courses to choose! So much mix and match to build your  exact specialization. At the same time  students will get the responsibility side+ all the support and help to succeed on all levels. So they would not be  lost on any step.  The best combo!  And it works.

I can see when these young people graduate they are fully motivated, they can craft their own ways and success, they are flexible and hardworking and they really are THINKING, they  CAN  think strategically  but they have zero tolerance towards time wasting, empty “but hours”, activities without clear goal, to fulfill order because “i said so”….

They want to think along and participate. They want to be heard and they want their voice  to matter. So be careful, old school  employers!

Will they see through manipulation and lies?  I am still going to find out about that.

This is where the old and new worlds are colliding!  Below is the translated article on the same subject i found very fascinating.

Career counselor: young people of Generations Y and Z are multitalented, but the contemporary school education does not advance their talents.

Tiina Saar-Veelmaa, a career couselor, who performed on an educational technology conference Edu EXEX 2016 said, that the young people of today are most influenced by information society and technological development, however it is not the amount of info that is important to them, but the efficiency to grasp it on a certain conception.


Young people of Generations Y and Z may often be multitalented and use both of their cerebral hemispheres equally. They may have talents, that the contemporary school education does not advance, or that cannot be measured or evaluated, Saar-Veelmaa said.


She also said that it is difficult for young people of Generations Y and Z to study subjects separately, because they see connections everywhere. They value instant and immediate feedback  to their actions, because many of them have been influenced by computer games. An important keyword is gamification, youngsters expect an immediate feedback to everything – did they get to the next level or not. At the same time they are more vulnerable and get bored more easily. Youngsters want to be involved to the reception of education through playing, creativity and equal partnership – without it some children tend to get sleepy in the class or lecture, Saar-Veelmaa explained.

 Gamify Life  Speech 

The demands of educating the younger generation for teachers and parents are high enough, but these demands are always increasing. In fact we lack the competence to teach these youngsters, because we do not know much about this world they will one day live in, said Saar-Veelmaa. While today, most of the teaching is done by giving exercises, there should be much more individuality, discussion, playfulness and humanity in the future. Saar-Veelmaa explained that a simple example of this is: why when grading the tests all the wrong answers are marked red? Why couldn’t the right answers marked green?The youngsters want as the adults do, that one would believe in them and saw their strenghts. While in an adult world it is clear that we do not just want the criticism, but appreciation, that we are on the right path, it is exactly the same with young people. Everything should be done by positive psychology, said Saar-Veelmaa.


The thing that has to be considered with these generations is that young people wish to have a career without borders. Saar-Veelmaa said it means that youngsters themselves are active and wish to find the employers, who would help them make their dreams come true, not the other way around. As the life expectancy is constantly growing, these youngsters get to have four-five careers in their lifetime and use their different skills. Enterpreneurial way of thinking should commence in the elementary school. We shouldn’t produce workers, but we should teach all subjects by explaining, what is each role in economy, Saar-Veelmaa explained.


Tiina Saar-Veelmaa is a tutor, lecturer, consultant, career counselor and supervisor, whose main training topics are the differences between Generations X, Y and Z and expectations to life and career counselling.


An educational technology conference Edu EXEX 2016 was organized by Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Microsoft and Telia. On that conference the new technologies that enrich teaching and learning were introduced and it was discussed how these technologies affect educational institutions.

Ref. and credits to:  http://aaretesaar.ee/?lang=en

Photos: http://www.sirp.ee/s1-artiklid/arhitektuur/tuus-kool/


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