Do you have The Fire inside?

This is a shout-out for all the FIRE people out there! They say pressure makes the diamond.  I agree BUT i also know this  only is the one  half of the truth.

You are well aware there is also the kind of

pressure which will kill you slowly

will paralyze you, will have  a destructive impact on you.

Every day we have to face:

  • emotional pressure
  • financial pressure
  • pressure at work places
  • pressure from weak health
  • pressure from noisy surroundings, other peoples energies…
  • pressure of loneliness
  • …you name it.

At some point you will find yourself in a position

you are ready 

to make THE DECISION.  No more…!

Repeating the same pattern with no actual progress consciously knowing what kind of pressure it creates daily is yes,  just stupid BUT totally normal.

The question is – who will come out even stronger, who will not?

Have you suffered enough to hear that decision to click into place? Do you see the whole World in other colors now?

Sometimes you need very little for this moment to happen.  Someone once told me: you only need to be responsible for yourself and your under aged children.

Until that i was struggling, compromising, finding the solutions, feeling guilty  – lost in the spider net, going round and round.  You see, i had believed with all of my heart that i was responsible, but instead i was a peacemaker, i still am, but i refuse to take over other peoples loads and moods.

Which one is more responsible. Ability to respond…

think about it

If you have had to overcome huge obstacles, you have had tough time you now have all what it takes to shine like a diamond.

You have been under pressure!

You might want to ask now, fine but this is not helping me

How to you do it? How do you fight the pressure? Where to start?

It is enough for a start if you can answer

“yes” i want to fight the pressure and be free

You see –  you can not do anything if you don`t  have a decision.

I want to look all things i don`t like in my life into the eye to identify them.

I want to create better life for my family.

I want to learn, to take action, to make mistakes.

I want to level up on every area of my life!

I want to change myself.

******Where do you get the fuel to your fire?  What if i don`t want to be loud and outgoing? About that in my next blog post.

Hang in there and keep shining no matter what.







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