We are in 2017. There loud signs all over that women are finding their way back to mother Nature.  Groups, communities, and movements are clear proof that this is a huge need, a magnet that pulls us to connect our mind, body, soul and heart to Nature.  Why?

Because it heals.

I have studied and practiced massages and therapies that all are telling the same.

Life goes in cycles, the Moon, the seasons. Learning how to be smart and sensitive to ride the waves we keep ourselves grounded and healthy. It also provides us with the certain kind of safety we can rely on, so it makes us more mature and grounded. Back to the roots, back to the wilderness.  Back to looking into the real fire, flames dancing and heat on our skin. Watching that starry night and listening to the sounds of wind or rain. It restores the connection that never was gone. How sweet is that 🙂

This is one of the most important things I have learned. I am not sure I would have started this journey if I knew how broad and deep it will go, so this is actually great I no clue what I stepped into when starting my studies with Reiki and massage….the rabbit hole yes.  The human nature in spite of all the modern life we have, all the development in every area of our lives, stayed the same.  Technology has evolved quickly but there is a price to pay for all these conveniences.  The code is written into each and every one of us.

This code is “fight or flight”.  Nowadays we simply can`t do these.

Like one of my teachers used to say: “I am a good person –  I don`t get angry!  I cultivate cancer…”

The bottom line is our body accumulates all this stress and sometimes it breaks.

Until we are busy creating the life where we can live fear free and minimize the stress, we need to ease the tension, so we don`t break.

I am glad to be your guide on that journey to reconnect!

Here is my favorite meditation series     I will write about more soon,

also I am using TRE exercises occasionally. These are designed to release the tension from body muscles. This is so powerful that it can be dangerous for beginners, has to be done under supervision and  I can not teach it here. You can find out if you find any classes near you.

I will share more soon.


Wish you well!