What to answer when asked: so…what do you do?

…and you just don`t  have that ONE good answer to that.
…or every time you two meet YOU have a new job, obsession, research subject, courses or business idea?
…or you are currently having  a head ache with deciding whom to become when you “grow up” because you simply don`t have that clear vision what drives you every day! You still are a good ethical person.


you know

you are only testing something, experimenting to see if it fits..with your other puzzle pieces, because you are a scanner and a multipotentialite.

“So, what do you do?” he is asking again giggling silently.

Here is the solution how you can answer that every time with full confidence and “case closed”.

–  “I am a customer support.  You know, orders and manuals and technical questions, stuff like that!”   🙂

That kind of answer is very helpful   in case you are not interested in further conversation.

When you are learning how to build your business online you are doing all that anyway and of course a lot more. You have to adapt, to change your course and focus, it`s needed to succeed!  You know,  in case you are not interested in wasting  your time sitting down and getting philosophical for hours with this particular person….over the complex answer to the questions ….what do you really do and how you would really like to answer,

it is totally fine!

This one thing life has taught me.

You communicate not from the viewpoint who You are, but who the Listener is!

If You are “scanning” around – this IS your one true calling!

And usually you DO have this one message you care deeply about!


So you have

no reason ever

to loose your nerve when this question is coming. Again.

Here are two resources that have helped me a lot, the 1st one is a book.

“So, what do you do?” This is exactly how THIS book starts! The question came ” And i had no words.”

This is a wonderful book from a wonderful woman  Esther de Charon de Saint Germain. I found  her randomly when i was scanning around again,  i just love art and people with multiple passions! 

Look up her solution for that.

The Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual: How to Thrive & Bloom when you’re Fiercely Bright, Feel too Much and Have Way too Many Passions


Actually there are multiple strategies HOW to combine many interests in one career.

And if you happen to be a scanner i am sure you have no problems  with finding the  information! You know, when you ask one innocent question, go after that and all these fresh ideas and leads start pouring in and they blend and rearrange and with a short time you will

find yourself in much more exciting place

than you were when  you started to looking  for the answer. So how to find that passion?

Experiment! Go find out! Make it a Game!

Here is the 2nd resource that gave me a lot ideas and courage. This a full free video speech by Chris Record / free to sign up

Gamify Life Speech from Chris Record at the Tecademics Launch Conference


You are already holding this box of puzzle pieces and you can  start building!

You want to do it BEFORE the box is full and the older pieces are out of date.  You know what i mean.

Keep some people calm.

Keep some people close you mastermind with! You have to know one important thing. As Simon Sinek says it, know your WHY!

You need to know WHY some strategies work and others don`t!

The Core Values!  Do NOT build on the sand. It has to make sense!

Here’s Something You’ll REALLY Like!

A Training I´d like you to have it, for FREE

Here is what is covered:

How to use systems AND to stay totally independent at the same time

  • How exactly working  1 on 1  support with me and others who are successful online will give you results
  • Why you would want to study via LIVE lessons and NOT to buy a bunch of old videos.
  • Why you would want “big rocks and small pebbles” both in your basket of income
  • Why lego style income streams are the best
  • How to sell without selling ( still a lot to do and learn!)
  • Why 96 % of people will not see success earning money online
  • What is this buzz around “mindset” and is it really important and much more
  • What is is critical to understand before you join any opportunity

And much, much more.

Here’s How To Get This, FREE.



I wish you patience and keep your head calm.

It all will be worth it.




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