How to keep it real and get your Massive Passive Income Baby up and running with no time

So what is all this buzz about earning Passive Income online?

More than before everyone is buzzing about creating passive income– what You need to do first, how to get things done and more about creating multiple income streams.

So chances are you are getting signals from everywhere,  now or never  it’s time to get your head in the game too! 


Lovely days don’t come to you, you should walk to them


You know you are intelligent or doubting in it recently? You have been cautious enough to  turn down ( at least most of the) scams. You trust yourself you recognize the right opportunity when you see it.  You also are  grown up enough to understand how YOU function

so you have been filtering out

all that is not for you. Not for you as a character, not for you as a highly sensitive person, not for you as an introvert, not for you as a single mom responsible alone for everything, not for your budget, technical or patience level.

The problem is there are millions of paths to go, courses to buy, programs to learn and  yes, no one guarantees anything. Shiny ads and promises  all around makes your head spinning.

You simply don`t know where to start!

Filtering out has not been helpful.  So let me ask, which one of these two options are you?

  • Everyone is telling you have to choose the right opportunity and it depends….on your goals and dreams, and time, and passion etc. This theory makes sense but you are not moving forward. It means, you have to find your niche, you have to know what you want and go from there. It requires research about 2 things: you need a wider picture what this “online game” is all about- the Simple Core Education that will show you how to become independent in your niche you choose!
  • I don`t care! Give me something that is simple and works!  Scroll down a little you will find “Many Perfectly Fine Online Jobs”. What i often see is people are angry they have to figure it out by their own.  Why not plug into ready made system which is proven to work?   There ARE systems you can plug into and they ARE proven to work.  Learn it, stick to it, stay consistent and you will see success. These are work from home jobs, simple tasks to fulfill. Some level of learning is required.

When you think a little you will see that there is a major difference between work from home JOBS and Passive (residual)Income Earned Online. Job has nothing to do with monthly passive income where you do the ( hard) work ONCE ( maybe for a year or more) and welcome automated residual income flowing in later. The only thing these two might have in common is both could be done online from home office. MLM is usually a work from home while you never be at home. Jobs often generate poor returns or consume lots of your time. There are also a lot of scams out there too where you just will be used.

Actually there are

many perfectly fine Online Jobs

which might give you sort of flexible hours to fit your schedule and pay off pretty good. For ex. Virtual Assistant, Proof Reading and Translations, Graphic Designer, Teacher ( your language for ex.), Online Re-seller, Call Center Employee etc. I will not concentrate on that.  But always you have to sell something.

There you will offer a service. This could be a position in a company ( you are an employee working from home office like i was a Call Center  Employee) or you are offering your services online on your own ( become an entrepreneur).

Check in to to get the idea. There are many sites where you can sign up and start offering your services. Just do your research. Here are some sites to get the picture:

Teach languages:






Sites Like Fiverr For 2016 | Top 8 Fiverr Alternatives

It is a good place to start generating extra income part time,if you can afford working extra hours part time,  maybe you would like to prepare really good, move fast and then you have to be able to flip it in relatively short time. To dich your 9 to 5 if this is your goal. Why i am not interested in such jobs any more is because of these stress causing pressure points:

  • Often you cant choose when you work or how much you work. Deadlines every day!

  • you absolutely can not have kids around with some jobs. Babysitter! And no, they can`t stay at home. Will you drive kids to babysitter? After your 9 to5 and get them back before bed time ( add quality time, dinner and bath  time too). Nope.

  • There is a ceiling for your income – changing hours to money can`t be done endlessly. Although you might get so good you have a vast demand and you can charge higher price for your services. Build your portfolio and ratings!
  • No residual income.
  • Candy money earned as additional income is not doing any good –  now you have no time for kids, no income to quit your 1st job.

The most common statement done

when everyone is starting the discussion about passive income usually there is this one idea everyone has heard about – you have to create an e-book and sell it or you create  some coaching courses. In fact this is  only one idea, though it contains a BIG learning curve.  How will your customers find out about your book? Who are your customers? Why would they bother to order your book?

A Coaching course? Well, are you a coach or planning to become one? Usually it works vice versa: you can sell your book when you already are somewhat famous coach. Not planning to put yourself out there? Think again.

Ok, maybe  you are very good in putting cameras into garages? So you have expertise for your course or ebook. You have happy customers and it is not hard to get testimonials from them.


You could create your passive income Online Product

You could create this product “7 hacks for turning your home garage “White House secure” by simply  installing your cameras in a right way. The Complete Set up Guide” and you know this  is the smartest tutorial out there! How will you promote it? Are you going to learn how to do it yourself or are you going to hire someone? Do your math.

This all is hard enough but there is one more question! How come this e-book will be your Multiple Income Streams? Actually if you search there are courses which teach you how to do that.

Be prepared you buy course after course, video after video  and before you notice a year is gone. Maybe friends too, because you “have a vision”.

Is this good for residual income? Might be.

Is this Multiple Income Streams. Might be. But..

It sounds more like constant multitasking with 1 income stream!

You could…. start Selling Stock Photos or … how cool is that…. Create an App – easy. Hire a programmer, shoot him out a million dollar idea, sit back, wait a little and sell it on App store.

 7 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Mobile App Developer 

Noticed the Author is Mobile Product Strategy Consultant. Here you go – your next search field with this key word. Do your research and if makes you feel even more pumped , by all means, go for it.

Creating a product is very time, money and energy consuming. You can do it if you have time, money and energy. It will require massive amount of effort to create it, but you also have to learn how to market it! You also have to be able to afford high risk it never will work out. Usually it will not. At least not on a scale to provide you with sufficient and stable income because

so you have to keep it real. Let me remind you. You need Results And Stability!

not activities to fill all your night hours. Mmmmm…..

You could sell someone  else’s products!

To join a MLM company? To sell as an affiliate?

How many MLM-s have you quitted? Selling online is not any easier. In some way its easier to arrange home parties to present your products.

*****I always wondered why they tell selling lipsticks to friends and family is work from home opportunity for single moms. It could be a nice hobby where you get tiny commissions and product samples for low price but in case you have a family to support you have to go to the whole next level with this and it includes more running around than staying at home. Do your math. This article is refreshing and keeping it real

Is Selling Avon Worth It?

*****Someone asked me why i am so against running around. I did my math. Running around has to pay the babysitter. They are not for free.

Many people and MLM companies are right now at the stage to figure it out how to go more online, how to market online successfully. Is this something you would want to master for Your MLM business?

There are ways to make yourself stand out among other sales reps. Do your research or ask me.

And then there is this Affiliate Marketing thing, right?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of partnering with a company (becoming their affiliate) to receive a commission on a product. This method of generating income works the best for those with blogs and websites. Even then, it takes a long time to build up before it becomes passive. But what the heck! Create a blog, write something put your banners up and here we go! The truth is, your blog has to offer great value to attract right kind of people. You could pay for traffic and articles but you can not skip building yourself up as an expert. Remember we are talking about long term solid business with multiple income streams YOU own.

….what about Multiple Income Streams? Wouldn’t it be crazy to master multiple topics?

Selling pfd patterns on Etsy, writing an online course, designing Facebook covers on Fiverr at the same time plus you have to deal with all technical issues, orders, communication and all promotion?

There is more – You never know when some platform will lock you out or shut themselves down, your income stream could become into lifeless desert overnight. You could hire people, team up, outsource and grow big. You could, but let me guess, this is not the thing you are after, you want to keep it real and You have this thought hammering back in your head

people make very good money online!

Fine, you say!  I will do  time and effort – I want to go for that freedom!  I have this fire inside me!

The brutal truth is Fact that

average earning online is less than $100 per month!

Most people have no clue why they are stuck or where are they stuck! They are jumping  from company to company hoping to breakthrough.

Fake until you make it?  Oh…no thanks. So..

 is this possible at all?


How? I will spare a lot of headache for you, so keep reading.

Because there are several ways of doing it you have educate yourself to be able

to become an entrepreneur in the business where 90 % of people fail!

Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off cliff and builds a plane on the way down. Want to fly? Fire people would love to!

You have to figure things out.

Everyone is assuring they have a solution and when you ask to tell you more you are lucky if they will drop you their link to their vitamin site and don`t send you to some scam scheme page.

So level up! You need the knowledge. You don`t need to do it alone. Why would everyone need to figure it out alone?!  How to earn money online?  Think about it. There really are not so many ways to do this. 

Together is better.


Every newbie needs REAL and Practical education how to market online

The education where you only don’t  know only how but it all starts with WHY and if your business would disappear overnight you could build it up again! The education which would make you truly independent online.

As a single Mom i absolutely know you can not afford spending countless hours on useless webinars.

good things cost money!

No, i will not ask you to pay for something now.  I am asking are you willing to look closer, to do your research?

This actually is the test which separates people into groups.

Thinking is hard work.

Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.

― Thomas A. Edison.

It is time to do things one time and right.

Want a shortcut?  

Why you should trust my shortcut is any better you have seen before? I will show you why.

I know i was so frustrated, i finally put on paper what i actually wanted and every time i saw something appealing it had to survive

this test


My criteria to my No Pressure Life was:

1. no running around

2. no actual product with shelf life with monthly auto shipping/ quality and return problems

3. has to provide me with income i can keep growing and growing

4. i can choose when or where i work, i can work when kids around

5. i can be creative ( because i get bored easily)

6. has to be an international biz online

  1. has to be legit of course, to be exclusive, give value, and innovative, product you want even without Affiliate Program
  2. has to provide Education, excellent support and trainings
  3. has to be on point and free of useless and time consuming „garbage information“ which adds only fake volume and ends with offer you have to buy yourself to the next“level“.

And i secretly hoped this would have something to do with helping others, writing or art

something bigger than only myself

and in a way i could choose –

what i most love and integrate it in there.

What i had understood was that Affiliate Marketing was

the smartest and fastest way to hook yourself to Multiple Income Streams

Do you know that average Affiliate commission is between 5% to 10 %?

Again. Do your math.

Do you know that:

  • there is a possibility to earn up to 40% of commissions for every single sale you refer?
  • you could start as a complete newbie and earn while you learn?
  • there is no need to waste time digging through overwhelm?
  • as long as you fantasize about having a passive income without willing to do your research, this will stay a fantasy.

Interested in

how to get your Massive Passive Baby running with no time


that is Something You’ll REALLY Like!

Just because you had patience and curiosity i already explained that the most of the people do not have it – to read so many words i will give you now access to this

REAL and Practical short education how anyone can NOW  market online

which meets ALL the criteria i listed up before.


And if you’d like a little more info drop me a line on Facebook.

Only 4% will go through these short free videos and actually think.  Don`t be sad if you are not among them. I still love you!

Lets keep things real and good pressure on!


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