How Rituals are ruling us

Many of us are  living with a misbelief that we ourselves are making our decisions, instead there often is

a very powerful drive pulling us

Now please,  let me to tell you a  little story. It happened around 15 years ago. I was working as an Au-Pair ( babysitter+housekeeper) in a very sweet family in Sweden. Ric and Eve had both careers and they  took often longer days in their offices.  One day Ric told he had arranged some changes in his team and from now on  it would be possible for him to work from his home office  every Friday ( instead of driving every singe morning 60 miles as he had done it earlier for years). This was expected as a very welcomed change. The  week started off in the usual way.

Now I am asking you to imagine the next picture:  Friday morning.  I was coming back from the kindergarten and was cleaning up  the breakfast mess in the kitchen, planning the dinner.  He came up from the ground floor where his  work area was, to put coffee on.  Very satisfied –  shining all  over–  he can skip driving today!

Pure win!

The whole hour! At least!

“Should i make you coffee and bring it downstairs maybe?” i tried to spare his time.
“No, no. I will do it myself, you do what you do …here every day, ok?” showing around.

I went to sort the laundry and was on the half way with ironing when  heard him running with few long jumps upstairs, he completely had  forgot about the coffee, it was good nothing happened!

“It`s OK, i will fix all here, sometimes it happens that the water will boil over when you are AT WORK, he laughed”

In 20 min

a very grumpy – in full suit and tie Ric – came up again.  His teeth pressed together, he made the bears voice: I`ll go buy

some milk” he announced and took  his car keys. He came back in 30 minutes, went downstairs and  did not leave for hours

NOW he could focus

and work in peace!

The power of rituals

It is said, that it would take at least 21 days to properly run new roads into  our brains  for the new things.  To create a habit.  I think that struggling for 21 days  in order to set up a new Ritual for yourself is a small cost in exchange of this kind of effect! If you do it right of course…

it will keep you on track!

Rituals can also be used as a  bridge  to overcome the gap,  to soften that switch, from one activity to another to help the brain.
A quick shower, candle light, bringing out the crystals  and a cup of tea works often just fine.

Rituals, a lot available in  a negative way as well, smoking for example. I saw a case when smoking was quitted but the person kept walking back and forth on the pathway as for the years before – to the electric switchboard and back.


Did i forget something? This ritual he had was actually not supportive on Fridays, wasn`t it? How do you change it? How do you create new habits to help you?

Here is a free talk from the real life how to implement the rituals you wish to have in your life in a smart and less painful way 😉

Gamify Life Speech from Chris Record at the Tecademics Launch Conference


What about your challenges? Please share.

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