How a busy single mother of 3 learned MORE about Internet Marketing in 2 Days than in 3 years before altogether and got SALES!

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I hope this message finds you winning in life. What i have been learning is that sometimes you win and sometimes

you learn.

Most of the people, me included repeat losses for years. Why? The answer is in the end of this article.

The struggle

yes i was broke, yes i was stressed out, yes i was looking for the way out, because i wanted to live not to barely survive, i had 1 pair of jeans, no winter boots and very little food, the last days before electricity to be turned off and i was working full time! Yes, all my fault, i know – i knew that the thing i wanted was possible somehow and this stubbornness was not making my life any easier. But the thing is when you are loosing, everyone hurts, kids the most.

I had struggled for 3 years and nothing!

I was so hungry to get out and i was angry.

How had i let myself be fooled? Repeatedly?

I wanted freedom to wake up in the morning to decide what i want to do and i was ready to learn all the real knowledge about online marketing below the surface there was. I really wanted to understand how i can engineer my freedom. So many had done it, why no one was offering the steps to cover that gap? Everyone was presenting how good they are making millions, but no one was willing to show the exact steps how to earn some bucks to pay my electricity bill that was due 2 weeks ago!  I wanted to see a newbie who had made 10 usd today, these kind of results! By results i mean money on my bank account. Period.They only told, its not a rocket science…I kept loosing money – they kept giving me exactly the amount of hope so that i  wouldn’t cancel the payments.

But you see – every useless webinar was the time taken directly away from my kids.

Every payment i made was our bread money.

I tried everything, but still no results. Internet Marketing tends to be “i`ll grab your money and i don`t want to see you ever again” type of business. Of course when you know all about traffic and lead generation you are long gone ahead before others figure out the 1st steps. I am talking about the newbie steps. I saw once a newbie coming into one biz opportunity group asking “What is Funnel?” and he was kicked out before anyone was able to answer him! What was that? Was he rocking the boat? There is nothing wrong in selling products and services online or offline, the big problem for me was i kept stumbling on the ones without real value, real products and real growth. I knew i have to end it, but how am i going to make a smarter choice next time? I had no plan, i just took a break. I truly believe you have to stick to 1 thing and make it work, but my gut feeling told me it would not help because something was off!  

I was told twice, in MLM as well, here is your product, but you don`t need to sell anything! Just promote it. Good luck! You can do it! LOL   When  i look back now i see i never had a chance to succeed. No matter what they tell you:

  • it IS about learning to sell, you must know what you are doing
  • the service or product must provide high actual value  by itself ( without earning perspective) and you want it without getting paid as well

“If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.”
― T. Harv Eker

This is exactly what happened  in my life. But i was willing to learn more i just did not know how. When you have kids and full time job you can take online courses, but where was the education? The solution is never on the level of the problem, but why was the next level hidden? I only was offered “systems” but its like a car without fuel or manual!  You can sit besides the “system” and yell or cry. Where was the key hidden?


Funny thing i discovered

was that struggling and hoping the easy solution to appear was way harder than “doing what’s hard” –  it was way more easier!


I have had wake up calls before

A massage therapist once told me when i was in the middle of the divorce: You are only responsible for yourself and your underage children. This was a huge relief for me! This made me think and nailed the problem.

The second time this happened when I was having the hardest times in online business. I was emotionally stuck. It was so hard to take action and to move on after another bad experience. I really did not need more pain.

I got to a point where i needed to hear something completely different to start believing again.

And then it came:

You don`t know what you don`t know. Are you willing to look closer?

Yes i was, but i knew i had no energy, health or funds to continue long. You know, the last thing you can give up is the hope…. i needed results now!

You can condense time frames if you are SMART!

Who was that? What was he talking about? Sure i am smart! Show me how?

I was very curious, could i  finally find out why i was in the middle of all this overwhelm feeling dizzy.

Pressure in my life had grown so high that the only reason i agreed to take a closer look was the promise i got that THIS THING will not drive me crazy, it will be respectful with my time and will make more sense than anything i had seen before, …

The biggest sceptic  was  2 days like a sponge!

I did watch new members orientation video as well because i was looking for the answer i had – why all this this online “game” has to be so scammy and full of hot air? Want to know too? Well, the answer is 3 minutes away from you. I kept following the directions, got the big picture and my role in that. I kept building.

What happened was that my awareness became so much bigger i now see that there was the whole world inside Internet Marketing and selling online i didn`t realize existed before.

Like having an extra pair of X ray eyes for online life to see through what is the real content and intention behind the offers, to see what`s hidden, to ask the right questions. 

Learning all this was pretty fun!

And then in some weeks i saw my first EVER online sale in the back office! I did not believe it, so i logged into Clickbank to double check! There it was! 

My 1st reaction was-  oh please dont`t scare me like that, i need to spare my last nerve cells  for the future.

From there on it was more and more focused and conscious learning.  But most important – i understood how did it happen, what was needed and i could create all from scratch as many times needed. This education was real. I was hooked,  i saw i really can become independent. As a single mother i knew i needed stability, so i could rely on myself. I had moved 9 times in 3 years. This was far away from stability. They say things about money. But money gives you options.

Education gives you base no one can take away from you. 

Most of my life i had to choose the cheapest options and often it meant no options at all. I am the type of mother who would send my kid to the excursion even if i could not afford it, single parents are creative but i absolutely hate when someone is playing with the future of my family, i felt used and ashamed i didn`t recognize garbage. Proud as i am i AM grateful to myself i did learn from mistakes and was looking for another level, glad it found me just when i was having the hardest times ever!

I am sure you can tell as well that the VIBE IS changing. We all are pushed to be honest with each other and mostly with ourselves. In my heart and gut i knew when something was shady but i always let my head to talk it white, because i saw no better options. The best feeling is to be aligned with what you do and say and feel. Isn`t it?!  So please, please  keep fighting even when you are ready to give up!

This is the gateway to the no pressure life for me. Mostly it was the real and practical education, blinders on to learn to focus!  I pushed myself now in a good way. I saw this was my chance to start making better choices little by little  and to leave all that was not true for me! It was not easy but it was worth it.

I will gladly tell you more about my journey if you wish, why i didn`t give up, what have i learned so far, how is business, which tools i find most useful and cool to use, how to brand yourself, how to build a blog, how a single parent,  multipotentialite and a scanner person can thrive in Internet Marketing world etc.

Right now i have 8 or 10 income streams, i added some lately so i didn´t  count. At the same time the amount of work did not increase much, but this is not what i love most about this business. 

In my next posts i will tell you  2 secrets how i managed to condense the time frames.

Until then……if you are curious to take a look what i was talking about 

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